Exams and Tests

Hello World!

Being in high school I am constantly doing tests and exams. So I thought I would give you all some advise for when you have one!

1: Try not to freak out during a test. If you are worried about an upcoming test or exam, talk to someone about it. They can give you some tips on how to stay calm and they will also be able to help you study.

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

2: Have a positive mind set. If you think you will fail, then the chances are you will… But if you are confident and if you have studied before hand, you will be fine. 

test 2

3: Have notes. Every now and then, take down some notes in class, because the topic might be in the test. Have a read through your notes before the test to recap on some things. 


As well as all of this, make sure you have some time to do the things you love and to take breaks in-between studying etc…

F irst

A ttempt

I n

L earning


I hope you find these helpful. If you would like me to write a post about a specific topic, leave a message in the comment section!


– Lucy

New Name? New Year!

Hello world

I haven’t written in a while, but I have still been active on Brindille. Yes, I have renamed the blog for the third time now! From MyLifeAsLucy to Hakuna Matata and now Brindille. Brindille is a French word, meaning “Twig”. Apparently I have some French in me from my Dads side. 

I really love the name. I think I will be sticking with this one from now on. If you have any names that you would suggest, just leave a comment and I will have a look at them! <3

I have been trying hard to stay positive lately. Being in high school has been tough at times, but I feel that it is important to have a positive outlook and an open mind. 

If there are some of you that have just started high school like me, or if you are in 6th grade, I have some advise for you!

These are some of the things that have helped me. Everyone is different, but I have found that these tips and tricks make life a lot easier.

Tip 1: Stay organised. I know that teachers might be constantly telling you to be organised and responsible. This is true, but you need to find a routine that suits you. It has taken me 5 weeks to figure mine out, but I have a daily routine for school that works well with my timetable. 

Tip 2: Just do your homework! I know that all of us can get distracted with other things. I find that one of my biggest distractions is Pretty Little Liars! If you don’t get your homework done, you will fall behind. When this happens it can be really hard to catch up again. So my advice is to just do it! I have based my daily routine on homework. I go to the library after school, and get as much as I can done. 

Tip 3: Friendship groups will change. Some girls and boys can find this hard. But one of the positive things about this happening is that you will get the opportunity to make new friends. 

Tip 4: Make sure you have everything you need for the school year, ready to go. I found that I needed a lot more textbooks for my almost all of my subjects. 

Tip 5: Enjoy school. Having an education is something that not all people around the world have the privilege of. Try your best, work hard, but make sure you are balanced and that you have breaks from work.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. Do your best in everything. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again if things don’t go to plan.

– Lucy 


Hi everyone!

I have not posted for sooo long and I am really missing my blog.

I thought I would wish you all a Happy New Year!
I can not believe that 2015 is already over. The year has gone so fast.

2016 is going to be a big year for me. I am starting year 7 (High School). I have very mixed emotions about starting Year 7. I am just worried about what is ahead. Some friends of mine who have just finished year 7, have been saying that it is a big year. There are a lot of “dramas” with friends, and it is a big step from year 6 to year 7.

I am probably going to get there and think “WOW, this isn’t so bad!” But I am just going through that stage of worry.

Maybe I will love year 7?

Maybe I will make new friends and I will have no dramas?

Those questions that I continue to ask my self will not be answered for a while…..

I am excited to start an new year, 2016!… But I am also a little big worried about the road ahead.

I will be updating you about the new year!

Enjoy your holidays and good luck for 2016!!!

– Lucy xo

Already Over?

The year is coming to and end.

There are 23 sleeps, 9 hours and 10 minutes until Christmas!

Enough about Christmas,

Let’s talk about year 6!

This has been such an amazing year! I have had so much fun!

I have met new people, I have made new friends, I have learned fabulous leadership skills and I have learned and inquired.

Thank you everyone for such an amazing year!

I will miss being in year 6, but I am overly excited to start year 7!


– Lucy



Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

Hello World!

This week for the Student Blogging Challenge, we had to write a post on food that is popular in our country.

I live in Australia, and a food that it definitely popular in my country is vegemite!

Here is the vegemite song! 🙂


I personally love vegemite. Especially on toast with some butter (margarine). But some people who try to eat it like you would with nuttela of peanut butter, think its pretty disgusting!

Vegemite dates all the way back to 1922 at the Fred Walker Cheese Company, in Melbourne, Australia. The flavour of vegemite for first timers, is often unexpected. It is a thick consistancy, a little bit like nuttela. But, unlike nuttela,Vegemite has a salty kick to it.

These are the ingredients:

east Extract, Salt, Mineral Salt (508), Malt Extract (From Barley), Natural Colour (150d)(Contains Preservative 220), Vegetable Extract, Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folate.

Why don’t you try some vegemite?





How do I Celebrate Halloween? Student Bogging Challenge Week 4

Hello World!

For this weeks task we had to write a post about how we celebrate Halloween.

Every year, my family and I celebrate Halloween. Unlike most other people, I have never dressed up as a scary character, because I really don’t like scary things! For an example, this year I am going to be dressing up as Super Woman!

super womanHere is a picture of Super Woman

My family and I go trick or treating around our neighbourhood. I really enjoy this because I get to spend time with my family, but I also get lots and lots of candy!


I hope you enjoyed my post!


Nightmare- Student Blogging Challenge Week 4

It was just a dream, It was just a dream, it was just a dream. I repeated these words in my head over and over again. I could feel my mouth becoming dry and I was out of breath. It was just a dream, it was just a dream, it was just a dream. The words circled through my mind as I tried to pull myself together. The air was hot and I was sweating. I wanted to run to my Dad but my thoughts took over. What if she pulled me under the bed?

Flashbacks of the dream haunted me.

“Daddy there is someone under the bed, Daddy there is someone under the bed.”

The words got louder and louder. Was it happening? was I having the dream again? My hands clenched my head, pulling my hair. “NO, NO, NO” I screamed.

I was back in the dream.

She’s playing outside on the swing, woosh, woosh, woosh. The wind lifted up her hair as her legs moved back and forth.

“Time for bed sweetie”

“Okay Dad, i’m coming!”

She ran into the house and leaped onto the couch.

Dad carefully lifted her off the soft pillows and carried her to bed.

“Daddy, can you check under the bed for monsters?”

“Darling, monsters don’t exist.”

“Can you please check Daddy?”

Dad hunched over and looked under the bed.

There I was, I was, under the bed.

I softly said…

“Daddy, there is someone on the bed.”

The last thing I remember was Dad’s loud and high pitched scream.

Then, I woke up and that was it.

I wasn’t getting out of bed until morning.

I lay in bed thinking of what could happen.

The shadows frightened me. They looked like the tree, the tree that sat at the front of my house. NOT her’s.

Morning came. But I couldn’t find Dad.

Was it really a dream?

I walked back into my bedroom. There she was. The monster.

She leant her head to the side and stared right at me.

She laughed. Her laugh was terrifying. I wanted to cry.

“Where is my Father?”

“You will soon find out” 

I never did.

Hello world!

I hope my story didn’t creep you out too much!

I felt like doing something a little bit different to what I usually do. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

It fits in with the theme around the world at the moment, Halloween. Maybe this will give you some inspiration?

Leave a comment on your thoughts.

Have a great Day 🙂



Student Blogging Challenge Week 2: Commenting

Hello World,

This week’s theme is commenting!

Challenge 1:

Our first challenge was to read through Miss Smith’s post and work through the tasks she has asked us to do. This is a link to her post if you would like to comment or see what we did in further detail.


Here is my comment that I posted on her blog post.

Hello Miss. W,
I am loving doing the Student Blogging Challenge so far.
I really enjoyed last weeks task, creating an avatar for our blogs. I enjoyed being creative and looking at different websites to see which character best described my personality. I think that the videos you posted for this week helped me a lot and taught me how to write a good comment. Thank you for supplying them. I am looking forward to next weeks tasks.

Here is my blog URL.
I hope you enjoy my blog!

Challenge 2:

For challenge 2, we had to write a post, create a video or create a poster about commenting. If you would like to see what I wrote, go to “Blogging Guidelines” to read what I have written.

Challenge 3:

Our third task was to read 4 other blogs and comment on one of their posts.

The first blog I visited was Laila’s Blog, she wrote a post about Pumpkin Picking. Here is my comment.

Hello Laila.
My name is Lucy and I am from Australia.
Wow, pumpkin picking sounds like a lot of fun!
I hope you write a post on the finishing product after you have carved them.

The second blog I visited was Owen’s blog. I read his post on his avatars that he had created! Here is my comment.

Hello Owen,
My name is Lucy and I am from Australia.
I absolutely love your avatars :)
They are so unique and creative.
My favourite one is the first. I like the girls bushy hair!
– Lucy

The third blog I commented on was Kelly and Rachel’s blog. I wrote a comment for each girl.

Here is Kelly’s comment.

Hello Kelly!
My favourite colour is Turquoise as well!
I am looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

Here is Rachel’c comment.

Hello Rachel!
I love Lasagna too!
Here is a recipe that I found was good 🙂

-Lucy  https://lucyw212.edublogs.org

I really enjoyed this weeks tasks. They taught me a lot about commenting!